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Back in 2014 I indulged in the photography world and started to buy equipment of my own. At first I started taking different styles of photography including sports, landscapes, buildings etc. After a few months, I came across an advert posted by "The Malta Fashion Week" whereby they were in search of photographers for their week of events. I submitted my application and was chosen as one of the photographers to shoot the event and fashion shows. After a hectic and very interesting week I realised that I had a passion for editorial and fashion photography of which I wanted to explore further. From that year onwards I kept on applying for "The Malta Fashion Week" and was accepted year after year. As of 2018 I was approached by the producers to form part of the Official Photographers Team within "The Malta Fashion Week". I have also travelled and participated in "The London Fashion Week" (years 2017 & 2019) and "The Milan Fashion Week" (year 2018 & 2019). Apart from participating in Fashion Week I also photograph local Fashion Shows, editorial & fashion shoots/adverts and also shoot for local TV fashion programme (Venere)

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